Skills without programming!

A lot of typical Alexa users, might think that creating a new skill, is comparable to black magic!

Yes, some Alexa skills take a great deal of time and planning. Hearing voices certainly did! But there are a number of options out there that need essentially, zero programming knowledge. If you don’t know what Lambda is. And you have no idea how to use Node JS! Or, if you think JSON is a person’s name, don’t worry! There are several ways you can create your own skill!

Actually, Hearing Voices, the skill that this website was created to support, was created using a FREE, drag and drop, non-programming app called Voiceflow!

I know because I created it, and, by the way, I’m 73 years old! I didn’t write any code to make the skill!

All YOU need to make an Alexa skill of your own is an idea, and a desktop computer, or laptop. The whole process is managed using a browser.

You start with a rectangular block called a Speak Block. There, you type in what you want Alexa to say. It even has the ability built into it to use dozens of different voices. Next, you use a different type of block and enter in what you expect a user will say as possible replies. Then you link the outputs from the user replies to different blocks.

In the new blocks, you start again, by adding what you want Alexa to say, then more user replies. Then, just keep repeating those simple steps, until you complete your skill.

There are several other companies that allow you to make Alexa skills with no programming knowledge! Get started on your skill today! All you really need, is an idea.

Here’s a link to Voiceflow’s website.




About This Site

This site was created as a place for users of our Alexa skill to find more information about creating their own skills, without programming.