Creating an APL Block->Intermediate

I found that the simplest way to use Alexa Presentation Language (APL) is to use separate images for each section of a skill. So, I first created a usable Display block (and it’s JSON file).

Then, since I needed to change a variable to specify which image went with each section, I decided I would also need a set block. Because you can combine 2 blocks into one, and I would always need both blocks, I created a (new) block that combines the two.

First I made a Set block that would be used to set the value for the variable {image}. Next I set a Display block to use the correct JSON file(s). Finally, I dropped the Display block onto the set block making my pseudo APL block.

Then I used <ctrl>-C to copy the new block. And at each of the places I wanted to change the APL image, I used <ctrl>-V to drop a copy of my new block.

I am using 29 different images, but it works out to over 60 different times that I made use of this new block because it shifts back to the menu after each section has been heard (and seen).

29 of those times I only had to drop in the block (with the value of {image} set to ‘menu’).

The other 29 times all I had to do was change the value that {image} was set to. All and all, it was a HUGE time saver. Please read the other tutorial (link above) if you haven’t already done so.

I hope this helps.


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