Translation Please

Translation Please will translate sentences, phrases, and/or words from English to French, Spanish, Italian, and German. You can have your sentence translated to all four languages at the same time and ‘people’ from the appropriate country will say the translation(s) for you. You can also have Alexa translate into only one of the four languages. If you do, ‘she’ will remember your language of choice for future visits.

You can even start the skill up by saying:
“Alexa, ask Translation Please for Spanish, and ‘she’ will start in the Spanish translating mode. (This works with he other 3 languages as well).

And, of course, you can open the skill by saying:

“Alexa, open Translation Please.”
“Alexa, start Translation Please.”
“Alexa, begin Translation Please.”

Once you start, it’s as simple as saying:
“translate, what day is it today”
“translate, it’s about time you got here”




About This Site

This site was created as a place for users of our Alexa skill to find more information about creating their own skills, without programming.